Beauty Ambassador Program

Join our Beauty Ambassador Program


  • Faraç was founded on the belief that everyone should feel confident in their own skin without feeling pressured to cover up with makeup.

  • Faraç Beauty was founded in NYC literally the melting pot of cultures and fertile ground for emerging brands. Our community of #FaraçFierce ambassadors was started to bring individuals from all walks of life who share the passion of beauty & skincare to come together to empower and positively influence each other. 

  • A person who is #FaraçFierce is a someone who is – fun, dedicated, bad-ass, and most importantly a person who cultivates their inner beauty in a world that pressures them to cover up.

Join Us 

  • Our Beauty Ambassador Program is for everyone, so whether your following is small or large you can join our community! Also, perfect starting point if you are a new blogger and influencer.

  • Being a part of our beauty ambassador program isn't just about getting discounts or free stuff. The goal should be to establish a relationship with a brand you are passionate about, and together help each other grow. 🌱
  • Also, NO cost. NO fees. NO monthly requirements. Just Join. Share. Earn. So what are you waiting for?

How It Works 

  • First Things First. Apply here.

  • Once Approved, you'll get your own personalized coupon code and referral link. You can post this link or code in your blog, social media, emails or just word of mouth. Your network will relying on your reviews and suggestion for purchase.

  • Each time someone uses you code and makes a purchase YOU earn commission on that sale.

  • And thats it!

Get Paid & Perks

  • Receive newsletters, private promotions, contests, sneak peeks, early access to new products, VIP events, and a community of support from our #FaraçBeauty Team!
  • Our commission tier starting at 10% and up to %30 per sale at full VIP status.

  • You'll automatically start earning commission at 10% per sale generated using your code. After 3 sales you will be promoted to the next tier of commission at 15%, after 10 sales commission at 20%. 15+ sales you'll them reach VIP status of 30% commission per sales generated. There is no time span in which you need to achieve these goals –– go at your own pace.
Bonus – If someone in your network applies to join the ambassador program as well, you will earn commission on sales made with their coupon code as well. Up to 3 levels deep. Build a team and your paycheck.

Our dedicated in-house support team at Faraç Beauty is available to help you with all your ambassador related questions. –– Don't forget to have fun!

Click here to join our team of beauty ambassadors!